Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exercise for the Elderly Broke

I've always liked to describe my usual financial state as "broke" as opposed to "poor." There is no way in hell that I have ever considered myself poor, and nobody else would, either. I do experience cash flow problems, but only 24 times a year (like, twice a month).

Be that as it may, I'm discovering new ways to both save money and get needed exercise every day! Who knew that cooking for oneself instead of buying fast food or eating out would result in such strenuous activity?

There's all that rinsing and chopping! I've now mastered dicing in 3 sizes without using a mandoline: 1", .5", and 1/4."

Am I out of soda crackers? Make some more! Kneading, rolling out, scoring and poking holes, and baking--lighting the oven, dodging the hot racks, lifting and sorting. Whew!

The dishwashing seems never to stop! Because I live in a cooperative association that forbids dishwashers, I can no longer leave dirty dishes in the sink lest the bugs carry them off! Wash this, wash that, scrub, rinse, drain, stack....on and on.

Having no car, I need to hoof it to the grocers for more supplies, which I then lug home for at least .7 of a mile from the nearest outlet. My unwillingness to buy anything but the simplest raw ingredients--butter, flour, chicken on sale, more butter, occasional sugar in the smallest package, eggs, hotdogs, butter. (oh, i know, i know...wienies are not good--made out of animals, too much sodium, occasional hints of high fructose corn poison, yada yada. i'm sorry for all that, but I happen to love them.) No catsup, of course. Can't stand the stuff. My favorite flavoring sauce is now Sriracha sauce, a bottle of which lasts a looong time. Very occasional cheese (jeez, it's like $6 a pound now.) thank goodness veggies don't weigh much, apart from spuds and onions. Lettuce and mushrooms practically float home! Canned goods? Tomato paste and corn.
In all, a great workout.

Filter my own water, consider making my own wine. (THAT might be great fun! One does need a license for that here in the city of satan, I think, even if you sell it only to your relatives and friends by the glass.)

I won't go so far as to say it's an adventure, but it beats the hell out of Mickey D's (whom I suspect of fostering neocon values in their workers) and Gold's Gym. Hmph.


Anonymous said...

Great fun reading this! And I love that picture on the right columnn. What's your recipe for soda crackers? I've been trying to get some made with whole wheat, but no luck so far.
The D.N.

Xtreme English said...

hey, d.n. it's late, but i'll try to get that cracker recipe to you tmw. maybe i'll make some first. the last batch was with plain white flour. i bought whole wheat flour from
Trader Joe's this week--though the label says "white whole wheat flour"....heh. if they work, i promise you'll love 'em. or maybe not. but i do love homemade everything now.