Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a few photos taken around and about in the past couple of weeks -- PLUS Vincent on the Green Line!!

Construction at GWU between the hospital and the clinic - all the small people and machines milling about reminded me of a hologram display of an archaelogical dig they had once at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.

Skool kids being frog marched past Starbucks by the Archives

Overhead lights reflected in the floor, GWU hospital -- remind me of the CROP CIRCLES by Peggy's in Wiltshire

Lavender, iris, and roses in the background plus a citizen in shades by Dupont Circle

That Van Gogh boy--he really gets around!!!


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful photographer! I love the one you took of the kids in front of Starbucks. The D.N.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Van Gogh boy is seeing you taking the picture out of the corner of his eye! :) H